Welcome to my website showcasing my Photography.

Although primarily Aviation based I also really enjoy shooting other subject areas, including the stunning New Zealand Landscape, Wildlife and even the odd Portrait. Photography became a passion in early life which I have found to be an interesting road so far. I admit I have only got this far through pure frustration for simply not being happy with what I was achieving with past images shot and a desire for higher quality. It all started to get more serious some years ago when I first began to fly and I wanted to remember the awesome sights I was seeing for my own record. I soon found what I was taking was not what I remember it being at the time and thus not giving the photos even my own appreciation. I found myself trying to push the Camera more than what it was capable of so after some research I purchased a higher quality and more capable Camera and the rest is history as they say.

I shoot with the Canon 5D Mk III / 7D Camera along with the following lenses:

- 17-40

- 24-105

- 50mm

- 85mm

- 100-400

- 10-20 Sigma

- 580 EX II Speedlite Flash.

From time to time numerous other lenses may also be used. If you have any queries or have anything you would like photographed please feel free to get in touch

Matt Hayes

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